• Derede Arthur, Lecturer (dlarthur@ucsc.edu)
  • Jonathon Goren, Undergraduate (jrgoren@ucsc.edu)
Member organization

In Santa Cruz there the UCSC Climate Coalition that is a member of our Coalition. Their mission is to push UCSC to bold action on the climate crisis, to build lasting partnerships among campus environmental groups, to energize climate and environmental justice conversation, and to nurture a new generation of climate leaders.  As well as supporting the goals of our system-wide Coalition, they also support the goals of the city of Santa Cruz student climate coalition – Youth For Climate Justice (Y4CJ).

UCSC Climate Coalition Steering Board Members:

  • Gwen Parden, Undergraduate (gparden@ucsc.edu)
  • Max Rogozienski, Undergraduate (mrogozie@ucsc.edu)
  • Logan Haug, Undergraduate (lnhaug@ucsc.edu)
  • Lisette Jones, Undergraduate (lpjones@ucsc.edu)
  • Maya Caminada, Undergraduate (mcaminad@ucsc.edu)
  • Ian Cowan, Undergraduate (icowan@ucsc.edu)
  • Katie Deal Jorczak, Undergraduate (ksealjor@ucsc.edu)
  • Jonathon Goren, Undergraduate (jrgoren@ucsc.edu)
  • Jason Samaha, Assistant Professor (jsamaha@ucsc.edu)
  • Derede Arthur, Lecturer (dlarthur@ucsc.edu)