• Adam Cooper, Graduate Student (awcooper@ucsd.edu)
  • Monica Nelson, Graduate Student (m3nelson@ucsd.edu)
  • Susan Orlofsky, Retiree & UPTE-CWA member
Member organization

At UC San Diego, there is the Green New Deal at UC San Diego.

The Green New Deal at UC San Diego is a democratically organized, grassroots collective of students, trainees, staff, union members, faculty, alumni, and retirees affiliated with our university. We campaign for concrete actions that UC San Diego and the UC system must take to address the climate crisis and environmental injustice. We stand in solidarity with frontline communities bearing the brunt of global heating, and demand that UC San Diego and the UC system reorient their vast financial, educational, research, and labor power to:

  1. proactively address the burdens of environmental racism within our communities;
  2. prepare students for current and future climate disruption; 
  3. transition to using fossil-fuel free, renewable energy to power our university via campus electrification; 
  4. cut ties with the fossil fuel industry and its financial enablers for investments, banking and research funding.

Where it all began! UCSD is where the idea to form a whole-UC coalition of chapters and partner organizations to push for a UC-wide Green New Deal.

Students marching with a banner reading “Let’s build a UC-wide green new deal”. Photo credit: Erik Jepsen