Campaign 2. Teach

Our second demand is that UC must teach the climate crisis and climate justice to all undergraduates. This is a critical part of preparing students to think about what will be the biggest issue in many of their lives, and also preparing them for the job market that will increasingly be oriented towards mitigation and adaptation.

So far, however, undergraduate course offerings on the climate crisis and climate justice (as opposed to the physical science of climate) are quite inadequate at most UC campuses. For example, at UC San Diego, in Spring 2020, there were perhaps 200 seats in such classes*, out of an undergraduate population of 29,000.

* Climate crisis education must go beyond a narrow focus on climate science, to include the socio-political-economic aspects of our world, including an understanding of how the fossil fuel industry is destroying prospects for life on earth, and how those who did the least to incur the emissions (the poor, the vulnerable, those in the Global South) will suffer the most.