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Our dedicated social media streams are being developed, meanwhile – here are streams from the Green New Deal at UCSD:


Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 7am to greet the UC Regents to campus! 📣📣

To kick off the 2022-2023 academic year, and in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike, we are holding a UC Regents Climate Action Rally with our allies to demand that the Regents and President Drake take action on the climate emergency by adopting the Faculty Memorial on Campus Combustion, making plans for campus decarbonization, and providing funding for new campus infrastructure.

It’s past time to get off the gas, and it’s important that the decision-makers of our university system hear our message loud and clear. See you at the Triton Steps and Price Center as we reconnect, sing, and make some meaningful noise! 🌏✊💚
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
📣 Call to Action 📣 Speak at the Regents Meeting!

We need you to sign up to make a public comment at the upcoming Regents Meeting happening September 20-22. We need as many voices as we can get to urge the UC Regents to invest in a fossil-free UC. No experience necessary!

A step-by-step guide on how to sign up and examples of written and public comments can be found here:
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Major win alert ✊🎉

Last fall, we showed up and protested in front of the Chase Bank in Price Center for seven consecutive weeks. Today, the university has officially announced that it is replacing Chase with a local credit union. Organizing works!

#StopTheMoneyPipeline #fossilfreefinance
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
You can now find us on GeiselQuest! Share our page with your friends, classmates, and workmates and join us for our events when we start back up in September!
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
We need your help! The UC Regents meeting is next week. They are in charge of many decisions the university makes. We need as many people as possible to make a comment to support the recent Faculty Memorial asking to reduce campus fossil fuel use. Give a public comment to make sure it's on their agenda when they meet in September!

Here's our toolkit for an easy summer action:

Thank you for your help!
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Green New Deal at UC San Diego
Hello everyone! Our friends over at SanDiego350 are organizing a protest at Sempra’s headquarters at noon on Wednesday, June 8. This is a great opportunity to end the year with an important regional climate action, and it’s trolley accessible from campus!


Fantastic comment to UC Regents today from Jayden, a 4th year mech eng student:
- adopt the senate memorial on cutting campus combustion
- prioritize funding this year for electrification plans
- create actionable milestones for emissions cuts NOT offsets.
. @nanrenner: "UC leads in climate science and climate solutions, now we must lead in climate action." She then gifted a copy of "All We Can Save" by @Scripps_Ocean alumna @ayanaeliza to Chancellor Khosla.
Our first public comment of the UC Regents Meeting outlays our Energy Systems campaign to decarbonize UC
The UC Regents are meeting at UC San Diego next week.
They have the power to super-charge UC's fossil free pathway.
PLEASE write to them now, also sign up to speak by phone, or, better still, sign up to speak in-person.
Instructions here:
ucsdgreennewde1 photo
Hey @UCSanDiego, developing a technology by partnering with a climate criminal that relies on using 80% methane gas is NOT a climate solution. Decarbonize now! ucsdgreennewde1 photo
UW votes to divest from fossil fuels by 2027

"The resolution ... dedicates part of the university’s investment — at least 2.5% — to climate solutions companies and commits the portfolio to net-zero emissions by 2050.”

Is this real or another dodge?