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Our dedicated social media streams are being developed, meanwhile – here are streams from the Green New Deal at UCSD:


Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Our friends and allies over at UCSD GPSA have put together an Earth Day event for next Thursday. Check it out if you can! 🌎

“Climate Intersections: Here and Now
April 22, 2021, 1-2:30pm PDT

Spend Earth Day learning about the disproportionate impacts of climate change on frontline communities through a panel discussion with climate activists and leaders.


Moriah Saldaña, City of San Diego
Carolina Martinez, Environmental Health Coalition
Rachal Hamilton, C.E.A.A.L.
Tom Holm, Kumeyaay Heritage Preservation Council
Bobby Wallace, Kumeyaay Leader”
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
The The College Climate Coalition and Divest Ed present Beyond Earth Day 2021: Revolutionary Climate Justice. This is a three-day long series of events that follows the Act-Recruit-Train cycle:

✅April 22nd - ACT: individual campaigns will take action at campuses across the country
✅April 23rd - RECRUIT: virtual rally with keynote speaker, Michelle Brass from Indigenous Climate Action
✅April 24th - TRAIN & CELEBRATE: day-long virtual conference/training series, concluding with a virtual open-mic and community celebration of all the amazing work we do
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
SDG&E’s proposal to extend their Power Your Drive program would raise rates for the next 3 years to give SDG&E more infrastructure that they own and profit from. Please call in to tomorrow's meeting to express your opposition to the proposal for a program they’ve already overspent $25 million on and stand up for San Diego families!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
EVENT TOMORROW - Wednesday, April 14th, 12pm PDT
The Global Indigenous Peoples Group, Institute of Arts and Humanities, and the Green New Deal at UCSD present:
Angela Mooney D’Arcy "Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Justice and a Just Transition"

Please join us to learn about Angela's work to protect environmentally and culturally significant places, practices, and ideologies and create paradigm shifts that support environmentally and socially just systems that assure the continuation of Indigenous cultures for all time.
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Calling all UCSD undergrads!

Join us for our Third Thursday CAFE on April 15 at 8pm, where we will be discussing the effects of lithium mining on Indigenous communities and its intersection with energy efficiency. This casual event will feature two speakers from GND at UCSD’s JEDI committee and Energy Systems team.

Please read two short articles on lithium mining and its effect on Indigenous communities ahead of time to be prepared for an interesting discussion.

The event will run from 8-9pm, with a casual meet-n-greet starting at 7:45. Sign up to our mailing list to receive the Zoom link:
See you then!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
TONIGHT, 6pm PDT: Join this webinar by San Diego Building Electrification Coalition to learn about Building Electrification and strategies to remove natural gas from the buildings we live and work in. Presented as part of Sustainable Building Week - San Diego . #buildingelectrification


If you're in San Diego, please call tomorrow.

This is to stop SDG&E continuing to milk San Diego residents.

Lots of laughter! Yes, Carbon Offsets are crap.

Following concerns over the sale of millions of dollars in meaningless carbon credits to corporations like JPMorgan, BlackRock and Disney, the Nature Conservancy says it’s conducting internal review!

A really important article. Points out that @UofCalifornia still owns 34,000 shares of ExxonMobil, despite declaring itself fossil-free in May 2020.

Evidence is here:

Trumpet from the rooftops. All ye students, staff and faculty who fought for fossil fuel divestment

UC claimed to be fossil free, but it still owns 34,000 shares of ExxonMobil, plus other fossil fuel shares.

Evidence here:

Really great to see this article from @UCSDClimate telling it like it is - UCSD's main strategy on climate currently depends on bogus carbon offsets.

But, pushed by our org, plans are being made to explore decarbonization. Yay!

Good interview of UCSD climate activism efforts by @UCSDClimate. Nice to see.