Take Action!

Speak to the Regents!

The UC Board of Regents meet 6 times every year, every other month. These meetings allow for Public Comment, both in writing and in person (virtually) to speak on matters relating to the UC and agenda items for that meeting. So be on the lookout for opportunities to take action with us to voice concern over the UC’s lackluster climate policy and in advocating for a UC Green New Deal!

Earth Day ’22 organizing efforts

If you want to help plan cross-campus Earth Day rallies to demonstrate support for our mission to make UC fossil-free, check the box at the bottom of our interest form to indicate your interest.

Petition for the UC to enact a UC GND

As a leader in climate science and a wealthy university system, the University of California (UC) has a responsibility to advance major policies to reduce carbon emissions. In solidarity with frontline communities bearing the brunt of climate change, we call on the UC leadership to deploy its educational, research, labor, procurement, and investment power to promote a just transition to an equitable, accountable, and zero-carbon system. The UC Green New Deal Policy Platform, created by student, postdoctoral, faculty, union, employee, and alumni volunteers from across the UC system, details specific potential solutions that urgently need to be enacted across University of California campuses.

Join us in signing our petition calling on the UC to act now by enacting a UC GND that will structurally redefine the UC, and establish it as a world leader on climate, serving as a model for what’s possible at every level of society.

Growing the Coalition

We’re looking to grow our membership and coalition to be representative of the whole UC community. If you are from an underrepresented campus (UCI, UCR, UCM, UCD, UCSB, or UCSF) please get in touch!

Electrify UC

Check out our new website, ElectrifyUC.org, for all you need to know about this campaign!

We’ve been busy calling on UC leadership to reconsider their reliance on fracked methane to power campus energy needs. At the end of 2020 we pushed a petition demanding that the UC develop plans to electrify their energy systems. Point being, that if they make the smaller investment now to make plans, it’ll be easier to get the substantial money needed to make the infrastructure changes.

Since then, coalition members have met with Chancellors at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC San Diego; as well as getting a meeting with Executive Vice President Nava and members of the Global Climate Leadership Council in December! While we’ve definitely seen a shift in the conversation around energy systems plans, the fight is far from over.