Our Campaigns

Growing the Coalition

We’re just getting started and so are putting a lot of work into building our coalition and developing our policy platform (check out a summary here). If you want to help with outreach to grow our membership and people power, please get in touch!

Electrify UC

Check out our new website, ElectrifyUC.org, for all you need to know about this campaign!

We’ve been busy calling on UC leadership to reconsider their reliance on fracked methane to power campus energy needs. At the end of 2020 we pushed a petition demanding that the UC develop plans to electrify their energy systems. Point being, that if they make the smaller investment now to make plans, it’ll be easier to get the substantial money needed to make the infrastructure changes.

Since then coalition members have met with Chancellors at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC San Diego; as well as getting a meeting with Executive Vice President Nava and members of the Global Climate Leadership Council in December! While we’ve definitely seen a shift in the conversation around energy systems plans, the fight is far from over.