UC Earth Day 2024: we need fossil free degrees!!

We  have a serious climate justice problem on our hands: as global temperatures continue to rise communities around the world are experiencing evermore tenuous situations. And yet our university continues to burn fossil fuels and continues to partner with the fossil fuel industry.

Fossil fuel companies are encouraged to recruit on our campuses; fossil fuel executives sit on university councils and advisory boards; the UC uses banks that fund the fossil fuel industry; and campus endowment funds are still invested in stocks that do business with fossil fuel companies. 

Join us this Earth Day in calling for the UC to cut all ties with the fossil fuel industry so that UC students can have fossil free degrees!

Join us at an upcoming Earth Day action on your campus

UC Berkeley: ASUC Eco Office Climate Strike, 11-3 PM; Sproul Plaza Savio Steps celebrating all the progress that the environmental community at Berkeley has made in the last few years, and it will look towards all the work that is still yet to be done.

UC Irvine: Invited to UCLA March and Rally, see below! 

UCLA: UCLA March and Rally, meet at Murphy Hall, 11:30, speech at the Bruin Plaza from 12 to 1, march to the co-gen plant at 1; register here.

UC Riverside:  Invited to UCLA March and Rally, see above!

UC San Diego: Teach-in (mini-lectures, workshops, art and music) on Sixth College Lawn, 11am – 1pm, register here.

UC Santa Cruz: Quarry Plaza 1:15 (Teach-In and art event at Bay Tree Conference Center & via zoom  9:20-1:05, followed by rally/march with speakers and music) 

UC San Francisco: The OSR & OCTA Engagement Committee has a special day of service, wellness, and rest planned – see below for details!

Earth Month Zooms of interest to all campuses

Drilling for Disease: Unearthing the Health Harms and Injustice of Oil and Gas Drilling

April 15  12:30-1:30 pm, hosted by UC San Francisco, Stanford, and UC Davis. 
Registration is required.

Description: Join us for this virtual symposium with expert climate and health policy activists and personally affected community leaders who will speak about how all California residents’ health is being impacted by oil drilling and fossil fuels. Come away with strategies on how to advocate and empower yourselves and your patients.

Dubious Partnerships: Fossil Fuel Corporations and Their University Allies

April 22, 9:20 am; hosted by the UCSC Climate Coalition
Zoom meeting link https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/98423308638

Description: These paired talks will explain how fossil fuels companies and the big banks financing them have infiltrated our universities and lay out a vision for how to take our campuses back.

Panelists: Evelyn Austin (evelyn@changecourse.ca) is  Executive Director of ChangeCourse.CA, Manager of the Banking on a Better Future campaign, and coordinator for the Divest Canada CoalitionAdam Cooper (awcooper@ucsd.edu) is a PhD Candidate in Atmospheric Chemistry from UC San Diego. Adam is an organizer and campaign lead with the UC Green New Deal Coalition and Green New Deal at UC San Diego, where his activism has led to the exodus of Chase Bank from the UCSD campus (2022) and UC’s commitment to pursue decarbonization as a system-wide goal (2023.) Now, he’s the campaign lead for UCSD’s Fossil Free Degree campaign to pursue full dissociation between the fossil fuel industry and UC’s research, administration, investments and career services.

Racialization and Colonialism: Structures of Climate Injustice across States and Territories

April 22, 10:40 am, hosted by UC Santa Cruz Climate Coalition
Zoom Meeting ID: 967 1662 7586 and link https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/96716627586

Instructor: Kieren Ashley Rudge, PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UCB

Description: Climate injustice is one of the most pressing issues of our time and it is imperative to understand the value and necessity of addressing the underlying systemic issues that reproduce this complex problem. This talk centers climate justice by critiquing the processes of racialization and colonialism that are deeply embedded in the United States’ legal systems, scientific practices, and social-ecological relationships. By examining these dynamics in both incorporated U.S. states and unincorporated U.S. territories, I emphasize the need to envision climate justice across a multitude of interrelated geographies. Understanding how the attainment of equity is hindered and how dominant paradigms of climate change adaptation may reproduce injustices empowers us, as activists, professionals, and scholars, to chart a path forward.

Arts and the Environment: An Eco-Art panel

12:00-1:15 pm hosted by UC Merced
Zoom Meeting ID: 823 8632 9090 and link https://ucmerced.zoom.us/j/82386329090

Panelists: Elizabeth Freestone (Director, Royal Shakespeare Company) and Adam Shulman (Environmental Artist and Designer)

See here for a comprehensive list of Earth Month events across all UC campuses.

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